Did you know that playing the piano is equal to a workout for your brain?  

Though you could plunk away at a piano, music lessons are a great way to learn piano fast. 

At Rocklin, there are many piano instructors who could help you start your musical journey.

Are you curious about taking piano lessons at Rocklin? Here are five different benefits piano lessons have to offer. 

Social and Emotional Development

Have you ever felt “moved” by a piece of music? To play music, you must interpret the emotions that are flowing from the paper. During piano lessons, you’ll be working with your instructor who will guide you through assignments and exercises. 

You’ll become more confident in expressing your own creativity. 

Especially in children, working with an instructor can help develop social and emotional skills. Communication is key to your success.

Time Management Skills

Have you ever looked at your smartphone’s “screen time” feature and saw that you spent 4+ hours on social media? Usually right after is when you realize that your to-do list isn’t completed. 

An important part of taking piano lessons is scheduling and practicing. Cut your stress by planning ahead and setting time aside for practice. 

You will find yourself spending less time on your phone and more time doing the tasks you need to do.  

Improves Motor Function

Playing the piano seems simple enough: two hands, black keys, and white keys. But have you ever considered that your two hands play separately and that there are 88 keys on a piano?

Not to mention, there are also three pedals for your feet to play.

Also, there will be sheet music in front of you to read. Hand-eye coordination develops with ease when learning the piano. 

Confidence and Self-Esteem

After a great practice session, you’ll feel a sense of pride and relief wash over you. The same goes for when you do well in a piano lesson. 

Knowing how to play an instrument can immediately give you a confidence boost. You’ll feel good knowing that you improve every time you attend a lesson. 

The next time you see a public piano, you’ll want to sit down at the bench and show off your talent. 

Increased Brain Function

Brain plasticity is the ability of the brain to rewire itself and create new neural pathways. While practicing an instrument, brain plasticity is constant. 

Learning piano can show increased brain function, specifically, the communication between the left and right hemispheres.  

Also, many studies have shown that musicians exhibit better memory than non-musicians.

Piano Lessons at Rocklin

Are you ready to take the next step and sign up for piano lessons at Rocklin? Our instructors will get you playing piano the very first day you start. 

You can also take lessons on drums, guitar, bass, and voice. There are a variety of instructors available to work with your schedule. You can browse through which instructor you’d like to take a trial lesson with on our website.

Contact us and check out our frequently asked questions for more info.