People who drum have improved cognitive function and better mental health. But people who take drum lessons have better posture and social skills too!

Learning an instrument like the drums means you’re going to be playing with other musicians anyway. And you are far more likely to grow and enjoy the process if you have a skilled music teacher as a guide. 

Live just outside of Sacramento and looking to find drum lessons in Rocklin so you can gain those benefits? This guide will show you exactly how to find quality drum music lessons near you!

Pick a Drumming Style

There are so many types of drums and drumming styles. You need to ensure that when you choose drum lessons in Rocklin that you are choosing the right style.

Here are some drum style examples:

  • Folk music – Cajon and frame drums
  • Afro/Latin music – Conga and Bongo drums
  • Marching band – Single tenor, bass, cymbals, and snare drums
  • Jazz/Blues/Funk – Drum kit
  • Rock/Metal – Drum kit with kick drums, cymbals, etc.

Most new drummers want to learn how to play the drum kit. But it’s important you know there are other options so you don’t book a bongo drum lesson by accident!

Browse an Instructor Directory

Most institutions that offer music lessons in Rocklin should have a music instructor directory. They should have at least a couple of instructors on their books so you can choose the one you vibe with most.

Each instructor should have a comprehensive bio that includes the following:

  • Their drumming background/story
  • Qualifications or years of experience
  • List of their drumming equipment
  • Videos of them playing drums
  • Their drum lesson schedule

If they don’t include all this information, feel free to email them asking for it. 

Set up a Beginners Trial Lesson

When you’re a keen new drummer, you might be ready to sign up for weeks of classes in advance. But hold your horses! Set up a one-off trial lesson so you’re 100% sure your instructor is a good fit, and you like the lessons.

This is what you should learn in your first drum lesson:

  • Different types of drums in a drum kit
  • How to set up a drum kit
  • How to hold the drum sticks
  • How to sit at the drum kit
  • Quick and easy drumming sequence

Discuss your learning goals and expectations with your instructor during this trial lesson too. Do you want to learn, and will they be able to teach you drum notation and/or tablature? Will you be learning via exercises or songs and can you borrow equipment?

Ask any question you have now before committing.

Ready To Book Drum Lessons in Rocklin?

If you want to learn how to play the drums and you live in the local area, taking drum lessons in Rocklin is a no-brainer. And if you follow this guide, you’ll know exactly what to look out for and the questions to ask.

Or, you could take out the guesswork and head straight to Music Lab Rocklin. We have tons of excellent drumming instructors ready to guide you on your learning journey.

Check out our drumming program and sign up for your free trial lesson today!