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Eduardo Echeverria
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My guitar journey began when I was at a friend’s house and picked up his dusty guitar in the corner at 12 years old. Even though I had no idea how to play, I was enthralled by the instrument and it was a feeling that never left until I saved up and was finally able to buy my first guitar at 14. My father’s musical taste rubbed off on me and I grew up as an avid listener of Rock, Blues, Reggae, and Latin Music. Countless hours listening to a plethora of musical artists and genres pushed me into trying my best to expand my musical library and I listened to as much music as possible. I began my journey as a self-taught individual, using youtube videos and tablature as I slowly picked up bits and pieces from my favorite songs before taking up lessons less than a year later. Now almost more than 8 years of playing experience and over 5 years of teaching experience on hand, I’ve had an amazing opportunity to learn new styles from my students over the years. I’ve taught ages ranging from 7 all the way to 70 when I was at Guitar Center and I was almost able to reach a threshold of 50 students. I take a lot of playing inspiration from Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer, Cornell Dupree, Steve Cropper, and Joao Gilberto. I mainly specialize in teaching Blues , R&B, Neo-Soul, and Rock guitar. Whenever I have free time and I’m not teaching, I enjoy going out to play sports with friends.
Silver sky running through a tonemaster deluxe reverb. For effects, I always run the Xotic Sp compressor for more bite in the midrange and to push the power through the amp. For any solos or any extra boost I’ll click on the Nobels overdrive for either a dirty or clean boost which allows me to use the guitar volume to adjust gain while playing. The Dark Side by Kelley captures most of the essential tones from Pink Floyd with a delay, univibe, tremolo, rotary, and even built in fuzz. I’ll mainly use the univibe effect to capture Hendrix like tones and kick in the fuzz to stack with the overdrive. The Q-tron is an envelope filter and is used in an automatic wah-wah and is seldom used in my rig. I also have a looper for practice but for playing this rig just about covers all that I need.


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