Taking music lessons can be very beneficial for kids. It helps stimulate brain development, boosts memory, and so much more.

But, you need the right teacher to get the most possible out of music lessons.

So, how do you find a music teacher that fits just right? Let’s go through how to choose the right music instructor for your child.

Pick The Right Price

The first thing you’ll need to consider is your budget for music classes. The cost can add up when you’re trying to find a good music teacher.

Look at the price range for music lessons in your area. If a price for a teacher seems too good to be true, you’ll want to scrutinize that teacher carefully. But, if the price seems much higher than usual, you may want to shy away from that teacher.

They Solve Problems

A good music teacher will be able to observe your child’s playing and catch anything that might be tripping them up. They can catch issues with your child’s breathing technique or see if there’s something about playing an instrument they’re just not getting. 

If the teacher you choose doesn’t seem to be noticing problems, and your child’s progress has stagnated, don’t be afraid to pivot to a different music teacher. There is no shortage of options out there, so you’ll be able to find someone with a little more experience.

The Right Teaching Style

No matter how good a music teacher is if their teaching style doesn’t mesh with your child’s learning style they probably won’t get a lot out of music lessons.

You’ll want someone patient, especially if you have younger children. It can be tough for kids to focus on practicing, and it takes a patient and calm person to get through to them. If a potential music teacher seems to have a short fuse, they’re probably not a good fit. 

Some teachers work in particular niches, too. If your child has previous music experience, you probably won’t want to sign them up for lessons with an instructor who prefers to teach first-time learners.

And the instructor you choose will differ based on the instrument your child wants to learn. Some instructors teach only one instrument. Others may have more experience in one instrument than in others. If your child wants guitar lessons, you probably don’t want to sign them up with a teacher who specializes in piano.


You may have the opportunity to observe potential music teachers in action before you put money on the table. They may have recitals, so you can see the results of their hard work. Or, they may put videos up online to show off your work.

Find a Music Instructor: Now You Know

It may take some trial and error, but with some time, you’ll be able to find the music instructor perfect for your kids’ needs.

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