Did you know that learning drums can change the structure of your brain? If you want to enjoy changes like faster response times, you should take a drum lesson or two.

Then, you can learn the basics of the instrument or specifically work on your paradiddle speed. Read on to learn how a drum teacher can help you improve.

Avoid Bad Habits

One of the best ways a drum lesson can help you play paradiddles faster is that you can form good habits. If you already have bad habits, a teacher can notice those when they watch you drum.

Then, they’ll show you the correct technique, such as how to hold drum sticks. Sometimes, changing your hand and wrist position can make you feel less tense, and that can make it easier to play faster.

However, you won’t be able to detect those bad habits if you don’t know you’re doing them. A drum teacher can be the second pair of eyes you need to form better habits.

Borrow the Equipment

When you first start learning drums, you probably aren’t going to invest in a full drum set. Your budget may be just enough to buy a practice pad and some drum sticks.

If you can find the money to take a drum lesson or two, you can borrow a full drum set during the lesson. Using a practice pad can be great, but it never hurts to try the real thing.

You might find that the drum makes it easier for your drum stick to bounce off of it compared to a practice pad. Then, you could start to play a bit faster more easily.

Learn New Practice Techniques

A teacher can also teach you new drumming techniques to help increase your paradiddle speed. You can learn a lot about how to play the drums online.

However, a good private teacher can evaluate your current skills and determine where you can improve. That way, they can give you more specific tips and tricks.

You can use those techniques when practicing the drums between lessons. And at each lesson, your teacher may offer a new tip or technique to help you improve further.

Play a Duet

When you take a drum lesson, you may get the chance to play a duet with your teacher. You can both practice paradiddles together, which can help you in a couple of ways.

First, your teacher will most likely have a stable rhythm, so you can hear how you’re supposed to sound. Also, you can watch your teacher play paradiddles for a visual reference.

If you learn better by seeing than hearing, you can watch your teacher’s hands as they play. Then, you can replicate those movements.

Enroll in a Drum Lesson Today

If you want to increase your paradiddle speed, you should enroll in a drum lesson. Having a private teacher can help you learn techniques specifically for you and your needs.

You’ll also get access to more drumming equipment than you could afford yourself. That can help you practice on more than your practice pad, and you can become a better drummer.

Are you ready to work on your paradiddle speed? Learn more about our drum lessons and schedule a trial lesson!