As we’ve always said, we love being transparent with our customer base by revealing how things are going and what our plans are for the future. Each year brings new challenges and opportunities for us. It’s no secret that 2020 has been a year like never before and it’s amazing what we’ve learned and seen through this year’s crazy business environment in the midst of a pandemic. But was it really possible for us to have our best year every during a pandemic? Yes. Allow us to go into detail.

1.     Vision

Here at the Music Lab we always focus on our vision and our vision is by our customer’s needs. Not the news, sales/profit, trends, etc… but our customer. With everything that happened in 2020, so often our leadership would receive messages from different people saying “Did you hear what happened?!” and “What are you gonna do?!”. To be honest, these questions were meaningless to us. We don’t follow the news, don’t act on impulse, etc… because as a smart person once said “if the news is truly important, it will find me.” The media’s sales are based off of reactions where as our sales are based on our customer’s needs and we realize that the media’s sales triggers are not ours and are, thus, irrelevant to us. So throughout the entire year we made sure we personally stayed in contact with our Rocklin city mayor of last year, Greg Janda, and we knew that if there was anything we truly needed to know, we’d get the immediate scoop from our direct authority. This filtered out any nonsense that was irrelevant to us as the mayor had no interest in wasting time with unnecessary information.

2.     Action

Obviously the year of 2020 had many scary moments for small businesses. Civil unrest, forced closures, power outages, CA fire smoke, etc… While most small businesses were wondering how to get the next PPP loan, how quickly they can close down, etc… we simply ignored what other businesses did and took action for our customers. When businesses were forced to close, we immediately switched our lessons to virtual and immediately informed parents how it would work so that lessons could still be delivered with quality. We immediately added tools to our rooms for our instructors to give the ideal virtual lesson experience to our students by using tools such as ipads, stands, studio microphones, mixers, etc… When things died down a little and we resumed in-person lessons, we masked up, added sanitizing stations, created protocol for sanitizing each room after each lesson, checked student temperatures, etc… Again, we took action based on the customer’s needs and nothing else while other businesses were looking into loans and government help. The most successful businesses always find solutions no matter what the situation is and it’s a beautiful thing. We were also lucky we always had extremely large rooms for lessons allowing for plenty of social distancing even if a third person was in the room. But you know what they say: “The harder you work, the luckier you seem to get” J We guarantee that we will always work our hardest for all our students.

3.     Business Structure

Finally and most importantly, we were able to thrive in 2020 due to our unique business structure. One of the absolute best things you can do to prepare for a storm is to be in a solid building built by great architects. This is where we ultimately win against all our competition. Instead of having a garage band musician run a mom-and-pop shop type of establishment, we have a team of professionals that are experienced in finance, marketing, music business, etc… Our business isn’t based on debt. We research what the customer needs. We find out where they are via our awesome marketing team. We deliver the product in the best way possible. This was all true prior to the pandemic and due to our business structure, we’ve developed such a strong trust with our customers that we not only survived, but thrived. Please check out our previous blogs we’ve posted for more specific details on our business structure J

We are so incredibly grateful for the trust of our customers not only on a regular basis but during one of the craziest years on record: 2020. We reached 230 students for our Rocklin location alone in 2020, a number we had never hit before. We strongly believe that 2021 will be an even bigger year for us. Stay tuned!