Did you know that learning a musical instrument makes you smarter?

Whether you want to start learning because of this, or for another reason, it can be hard to find a teacher. When you search “music teacher near me”, you are faced with thousands of internet search results. How are you supposed to find the best music teacher in all of that?

This guide will tell you what characteristics you should look for when hiring a music teacher. Keep reading for all of the details. 

1. The Teacher or School Can Teach More Than Instrument

When a student starts to learn an instrument, it is not uncommon for them to change their mind. They may decide that rather than learn the keyboard, it is really the drums that they are interested in.   

If you select a teacher or school that can accommodate this shift in attitude, you will save yourself a lot of time and effort.  

2. The Music Teacher Tailors Their Lessons

Learning an instrument is a very personal experience and everyone responds differently to a given teaching method. A good music teacher will notice which approaches work with their student and will tailor their lessons accordingly. 

It is also imperative that the teacher creates lesson plans that are suited to the student’s skill level. A beginner will not progress if they are given material that is too difficult, and advanced players need to be pushed to reach their potential.  

3. They Make Lessons Fun

Learning an instrument should be an enjoyable experience and the teacher plays a big part in this. Keeping the student engaged by making lessons fun is very effective for achieving better results. 

A teacher that makes music boring will not get the best out of their student, so avoid teachers like this!

4. They Notice Key Issues and Target Them

One of the main benefits of music lessons is that the teacher can quickly identify the key problems that are holding you back. 

A good teacher will always be assessing your biggest weaknesses. Once they do this, they will give you specialized advice and drills to overcome them.

5. They Are a Skilled Communicator

A teacher could be the most skilled player of their instrument in the world, but they are no good if they cannot clearly tell their student what they need to do to improve.

Find a teacher that can explain complex ideas in an accessible and concise way. 

6. They Are Very Organized 

The road from picking up an instrument to mastering it is a long and arduous one. A clear long-term plan that structures the student’s learning will lead to much better learning outcomes.

The teacher should track development over time, whilst noting key milestones along the way. 

7. They Stay Positive

Some lessons won’t go as planned. Sometimes students have a bad day and struggle with things they should be fine with. 

Make sure you choose a teacher that stays positive and polite in these situations. One of the teacher’s key roles is to be a motivator! 

Choose the Best Music Teacher for the Job 

Armed with this information, you know how to choose a music teacher who will lead their students to success. Learning an instrument is a grand journey and your teacher will be there every step of the way, so it is an important decision. 

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