Did you know that Dave Lombardo is considered to be one of the best drummers of all time?

He changed the landscape of heavy metal by making it even faster but also infusing it with tribal beats. Lots of love is shown for guitar players but most music couldn’t exist without drummers because they provide the foundation for everything.

Are you interested in drum lessons in Rocklin? Keep reading to learn all about the 5 major benefits of learning to play the drums.

1. It Allows You to Be Creative

Everyone needs at least one kind of creative outlet that can help them wind down and feel inspired. What’s more cathartic than learning drums? Not only can you pound away your feelings, but you can turn those beats into the backbone of powerful music.

Plus, there are all kinds of drum styles that are sure to keep you interested for many years to come, including blues, Latin, pop, and even northern hyperblast.

2. It Increases Your Coordination

To play drums, you not only need great hand-eye coordination, but you’ll also need to throw your feet into the mix. This kind of full-body coordination can allow you to have highly-tuned reflexes in general.

From playing sports to video games, the coordination that drum practice can give you will be useful in plenty of other situations.

3. It’s a Workout

If you’re worried about getting enough exercise in the day, then why not try drum lessons for adults?

While a single song or two might not be much of a workout, depending on the style of music, a full setlist can feel like you’ve run a marathon. Nothing does the body good quite like the sweat you’ll build up from playing the drums for long stretches of time.

4. It Can Give You Lifelong Friends

If you’re concerned about your child’s socializing, then you should give drum lessons for kids a shot.

When someone starts life out in a band, they can end up making friends that last for many years if not for their entire lives. These kinds of bonds are rare but much more common in the world of music.

5. It Can Make You Money

From playing gigs to creating music for movies and video games, you can actually make money with your drum skills.

If you get good enough at an instrument, then chances are people will pay you to play. That alone should have you searching for “drum lessons near me“.

Are You Ready for Drum Lessons in Rocklin?

Now that you’ve learned about the 5 major benefits of playing the dreams, you can invest in drum lessons in Rocklin. Pretty soon, you can start thinking of catchy names for your band.

The Music Lab at Rockling is proud to offer you expert lessons in all the mainstream instruments, including drums, guitar, piano, violin, and even voice. Our instructors have a wide range of experiences that they’d love to impart to you.

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