Did you know that more than 72 million people play the guitar? Your child could join this prolific community of musicians and artists by starting guitar lessons young and learning as they grow.

Playing guitar is more than just a fun new skill though. It can also help your children glean educational benefits along the way.

Use this guide to learn about the many ways that a music instructor can help your child develop their skills in the classroom.

1. Improve Soft Skills

Did you know that the guitar lessons Rocklin has to offer can teach your kids more than just how to play a few songs? They’ll also learn soft skills along the way that improves their ability to learn in any environment.

Some of the soft skills that kids tend to exercise while learning an instrument include:

  • Patience
  • Resilience and distress tolerance
  • Work ethic
  • Self-discipline and time management
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Memory

These skills can help in the classroom at school, and in their future work life.

2. Reduce Screen Time

Instead of spending hours in front of a video game console or scrolling for an entire evening on the computer, your kids can take pride in practicing their new hobby.

This screen-free hobby is a great way to introduce non-technology-based games and activities to your kids. They’ll love interacting with their music teacher and other students, and taking their skills to school to bond with other young musicians.

3. Boost Dexterity and Motor Skills

Playing guitar, whether it is in beginner bass guitar lessons or onstage at a show, requires dexterity. Your brain and fingers need to be on the same page, working quickly to pluck and strum the right chords and strings at the correct tempo.

For this reason, practicing guitar can be a great way to improve fine motor skills and get faster fingers. This can also help with fast typing, crafting, and other related skills.

4. Release Stress

Did you know that just listening to music, let alone playing it, can reduce your stress levels? If you want to give your kids a hobby that helps them express themselves and release stress, learning an instrument is a great place to start.

5. Increase Self-Confidence

The ability to learn and improve at a skill over time can help to boost the self-esteem of any child. Mastery of skills is a great way to bolster motivation and make sure that your kids learn the value behind practice makes perfect.

Learning something that is considered “fun” or “cool” can be a great way to get your kids excited about learning in general. Once they feel the accomplishment and the boost to their self-confidence, they won’t want to stop learning and accomplishing new things.

Big Benefits of Guitar Lessons For Kids

Guitar lessons can allow your child to improve soft skills and dexterity, reduce screen time, release stress, increase self-confidence, and more.

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