Rocklin & Roseville

Covid-19 Update and Announcement

We are doing live in-person lessons again beginning Monday, June 1st, 2020!!


Some of the temporary safety precautions we are taking are as follows:


1. Social distancing – Parents/guardians, we are asking that you wait outside or in your vehicle during your students lesson.


2. Sanitizing – Sanitizing and hand washing stations will be set up through out the facility, students will be required to either sanitize or wash hands prior to the lesson starting. 


3. Disinfecting – Staff will be disinfecting classrooms between lessons and our facility will be deep cleaned daily. 


4. Temperature checks – Instructors will be taking students temperatures prior to lessons as established in the guidelines set before us. Any student or staff with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher will be sent home immediately. 


5. Facemasks – Our instructors will be wearing facemarks during the lessons aside from the instructors that will be unable to due to the instrument(i.e. voice, trumpet, etc…)   


Fill out the free trial lesson form as you scroll to the blue box below to schedule a free trial lesson with us!  



2164 Sunset blvd #201, Rocklin, CA 95765


Music Lab Rocklin serves the Rocklin, Roseville, and surrounding areas for music lessons. We are located on the corner of Sunset Blvd and Park Drive. We offer drum, guitar, bass guitar, piano, voice, violin, ukulele, saxophone, clarinet, flute, and trumpet lessons from the highest quality instructors in the area. What separates us from competitors is QUALITY. We take pride in our wide selection of instructors that are educated from schools such as Berklee College of Music, Sac State School of Music, William Jessup University, BYU, etc… Many of our instructors are also professionally endorsed and very experienced. They are all unique individuals that have their own style of playing and teaching. Check them out in the ‘Instructor’ link above or click on their photos below! We also take pride in our level of communication with our students as well as their satisfaction with our team. We are committed to giving students opportunities with our recitals, studio tools, and curriculum that is essential in their growth as musicians. Fill out a free trial lesson form by clicking the link in the blue box on this page and make us the best part of your day! You may also call or email us with any questions you may have at anytime. 


*If you are paying via charter school vouchers please call us for specific terms required.

*Trial lesson subject to availability.

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