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Steven Wrights drumming journey began as a 9 year old after listening to his older cousin play.Through out the late 70’s and 80’s Steven played in some of the most legendary clubs on the Northern California music scene and toured up and down the west coast several times as his band opened for acts such as Y&T, Atlantis, Jefferson Starship, The Dinosaurs, The Babys and many other great bands from the era. Steven re-emerged on the Nor Cal scene a few years ago and has studied under such accomplished drummers as Mike Johnston, Jazz Great Tim Metz, and Joseph Arrington. Steven played the Reno Jazz Festival in 2015 as a guest artist for the Sierra College Jazz Quartet, and has recently toured and appeared throughout California, Oregon and Nevada with a pop country band, headlining venues such as Gilleys, The Nuggets’ Rose Ballroom, Goldfields, and San Jose’s Broken Spoke Saloon to name a few.

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Steve’s Setup

This will give you some understanding of what he plays.


  1. 14x6.5 Custom Bellwether Walnut Stave Snare
  2. 12x8 DW Collector Series Black Ice Tom
  3. 14x12 DW Collector Series Black Ice Floor Tom
  4. 22x18 DW Collector Series Black Ice Bass Drum
  5. 14” Sabian AA Medium HiHat
  6. 20” Zyldjian A Custom Brilliant Crash
  7. 18” Sabian AA Medium Rock Crash
  8. 21” Zyldjian A Custom 20th Anniversary Medium Ride
  9. DW 9000 Series Hardware
  10. Vater Percussion Sticks, Mallets, Brushes, and Rods
  11. LP Assorted Auxiliary Blocks/Bells
  12. Remo Coated Ambassador Drumheads
  13. SKB and Ahead Armor Cases