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Nate Martin

“Six-Eight Nate” as his friends call him, is a classically trained drummer from the bay area specializing in the techniques of legendary drum instructor Chuck Brown. Nate studied these techniques via long time “Chuck” student, Cedric Wilmott. For a period of four years Nate not only took weekly several hour-long drum lessons from Cedric but he paid for the lessons by working as Cedric’s drum tech on the weekends. In 2012, Nate landed his first professional gig with online educator extraordinaire, (and original Music Lab owner) Mike Johnston, on Mike’s weekly program. Nate continues to work with and receive instruction and mentoring from Mike. Nate has earned a reputation in the Sacramento area as a highly capable and dependable drummer by often taking last minute gigs with little to no notice! Nate offers personalized instruction based on the students needs and offers additional educational videos, progress tracking, and interactive PDF’s to help with his students’ progress.

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