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Cynthia Howton

I started learning the violin by age 9. My mother, also a violinist, was my first private teacher.  By the time I  was 12 years old, I already had experience as a performer, performing in groups in the El Paso area.  At age 16, I started taking lessons from Amy Barlowe, a teacher from the Julliard Music School. While attending BYU, one of my teachers includes Dr. David Dalton, student of William Primrose.  I was in several BYU productions and Music recordings, I have my own CD that is played on an internet radio station.    I have given recitals and concerts with various groups in Utah,  Canada, Idaho, California, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Florida and Texas.  I was a member of the Early Music Ensemble and the New Music Ensemble,  the  New Music Ensemble performed compositions from 20th-century composers.  While living in Sacramento, I conducted Youth Ensembles and performed with groups, like the Camellia Symphony Orchestra,  in the Sacramento area.  I am currently a principal player with the Valley Choral Society Orchestra, and, am a  member of Rancho Cordova Civic Light Orchestra.

I have been teaching music lessons for over 27 years. I have experience both as an ensemble teacher and private lessons. In Austin, Texas, I was an orchestra teacher.  I taught violin, viola and cello to 5th and 6th graders. At my school, I was awarded teacher of the year in 2006.

I hold a Bachelor Degree in  Music Performance from Brigham Young University.  While attending BYU, one of my teachers include Dr. Mack Wilburg, conductor of the world-renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  In El Paso, TX, my instructor includes Irma Kluck (founder of The Baroque Music Competition).  My areas of specialization and training include instrumental coaching and chamber music. My teaching experience has spanned over twenty-five years, including private and classroom teaching with beginning students to professionals. I can be heard on the recording entitled, A Thanksgiving of American Folk Hymns. Produced in 1994, A Thanksgiving of American Folk Hymns is still being presented year-round by over 200 PBS-affiliated television stations.

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